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The 2-disc special edition DVD of REVOLUTION OS is available through retail stores and online:

Borders Books
Virgin Megastore
CD Baby (U.S. Postal Service International Air Mail)
Livraria Tempo Real (Brazil)
ixosoft (Germany)
Holborn Books (Great Britain) (Denmark) (Australia),

The REVOLUTION OS special edition DVD is CSS-Encryption Free and Region Free and includes the following features:

•70 minutes of additional interview footage with Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Brian Behlendorf, Bruce Perens, and others.

•Director's audio commentary

•Theatrical trailers

•"The Free Software Song" music video

•113 pages of GNU Project and Open Source documents

•Still Image Gallery


•Music & Effects only Audio Track

•2.35:1 Letterboxed image

•Digital Stereo Surround Sound

•Interactive Menus

•Easter Eggs!

REVOLUTION OS Posters, T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, and Postcards are available through CafePress

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